The Best Way to Dissolve

Pent-Up Emotions

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I never imagined such freedom...

I was basically run by fear and anger and I had reached my limit on that. Jed.i Husband Training showed me where my shadow was and how not to run away from that anymore. I feel totally exhilarated and liberated. I would have never imagined such freedom and spaciousness and just new possibilities.

Tim //  Park Designer

I grew up a little bit more...

The group helped me to have the trust to express more and more my inner conflicts, the shadow, and understanding that I am not alone.

Ernesto //  Academic Advisor

The Best Way to Dissolve Pent-Up Emotions

Unprecedented restrictions on our normal way of life shine light on a new problem: we men have too much time to think.

We’re scrolling endlessly on social media, running out of shows to binge watch, eating junk food, having one too many drinks, etc., and we’re all a little bit exhausted and we don’t really know why. 

Here’s the hard truth: you can keep dealing with your pent-up emotions by numbing out, or you can dissolve them.

Handle your emotions or your emotions will handle you

You’re going to have to face your sidelined emotions at some point. They don’t just go away with time, they become more repressed with time. If you avoid the problem for too long, you may risk losing your shit.

The 4-Step Emotional Alchemy Model for Dissolving your Pent Up Emotions

The Emotional Alchemy Model synthesizes the five main emotions of fear, shame, anger, sadness and joy with the yogic chakra model. It helps pinpoint stuck emotions in your body and informs you how to embody that raw energy as power, wisdom and love. The result of this process is called emotional transmutation.

Step 1: Emotional Knowledge

First you need to learn the basics. It’s crazy they don’t teach this in school!

This model teaches you about each of the main emotions and how they either tear us down or give us confidence. Learn how to honor your emotions, positive or negative.

Step 2: Emotional Embodiment

Now comes the practice. Emotions are not conceptual, so if you don’t actually practice with them, you won’t get anywhere. The truth is, understanding emotions without learning how to actually process them will make the situation even worse because you end up getting stuck in your head.

In Jed.i Husband Training you learn ancient practices of movement, breath work, voice, journaling and meditation. The practices are designed to simultaneously strengthen you and crack you open. Both are necessary for emotional breakthroughs.

Step 3: Emotional Connection

Next, you need to share your story of emotional embodiment or it dies with you in your head. In the experience of connecting with other men, you actually receive a gift and you impart a gift: you grow and other men grow through your vulnerable sharing.

Step 4: Emotional Transmutation

Only after learning about and practicing with the emotions are you ready to transmute them into power, wisdom and love. Attempting to transmute your emotions before you embody them flat out doesn’t work.

Most men need to first acknowledge their emotions and let them out without any judgement. “Toughing it out,” while it may seem useful in the moment, only adds another layer of emotional repression to your life.

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Learn how to turn fear & anger into power & love

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