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Reclaiming “I Am Dangerous”

We are men who are in touch with our dark sides.

We acknowledge our wounds, our addictions, our judgments and our repressed emotions. We own our fears and allow them to show us where we can grow. We acknowledge our shame and learn how to forgive ourselves and others. We love our anger and understand how to use it to fuel our life’s work. We welcome the sadness and let go of the past. We aren’t afraid to go into the shadows.

We are men on a mission.

Try to sidetrack or distract us from achieving our visions and you will be dismissed and probably left behind. The time has passed for pleasantries, drinking games, video games and sports fanaticism. There is no more time to waste–humanity needs us 100% lit and activated in our missions, be that healing ourselves, providing for our families, searching for truth or serving those in need. We will ask you shamelessly to help us achieve our goals. We will take great risks to see those goals through.

We are sexual beasts.

We know that sexual energy is creative life-force energy and so we allow ourselves to be fully sensual creatures. We connect our balls to our hearts and our minds. We love and self-pleasure ourselves often because we know this is the only way to truly know how to please a partner. We make love slowly and passionately and spill our seed minimally and with great intention. We love to orgasm and we know how different it is from ejaculation.

We love hard.

So hard, that it might be uncomfortable for you. We hug, kiss, eye-gaze, massage, listen, show up, hold space, protect, smile, laugh, play, sing, dance and pray. We respect Mother Earth and praise Father Sky. We take our health and well-being very seriously and love our children to the moon. We bless the trees, water and sun. We love all, for we know we are all.

Calling all men who are not-to-be-fucked-with! How are you dangerous?