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Course Overview

Jed.i Husband Training has been crafted meticulously over 15+ years of personal development, men's work, coaching, therapy and expression liberation studies. This holistic perspective on healing masculinity is woven together as an epic journey into the shadows and the light of the inner landscape of man.


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The Top 3

Relationship Blockages For Men

#1  - Lack of Confidence

Do you consistently ask for and get what you want and deserve in your romantic partnerships? Or do you experience negative self talk that keeps you from truly showing up in your power and in your truth in your relationships?

Adam was stuck in a rut

"When I came into the Jed.i Husband Training program my self esteem was at an all-time low.  I had just come off a hard break up and a string of abusive relationships. To be honest, I was so afraid of romance that I had basically given up on love.

When I started opening up about the shame of my past with the Jed.i Husband community, I was surprised to learn that I wasn't alone. Just to know I wasn't alone was a huge step for me.


On top of that Jed.i Husband Training taught me tools and frameworks for me to forgive myself and start loving myself on a daily basis.

Since completing the program I have started dating again, which is really scary, but instead of letting the fear paralyze me like I used to do, I have learned embodiment tools that have allowed me to move through the stuckness."

#2 - Letting Yourself Get Walked All Over

Do you find that your lovers take advantage of your time and energy? Do you feel like you are being used sometimes? Are you the last resort guy? Do you find yourself in the friend zone too often


Gerard was just like you

"Jed.i Husband Training held a clear mirror to my face so I could see what was actually in the way of me experiencing true love. Over the course of the program, I discovered the hard truth that I had become completely OK to being walked all over by the women in my life. And this wasn't just my wife, but also my sister and my mom.

Through the program I learned how to lovingly set boundaries with the people in my life.  I'm no longer driven by the fear of possibly hurting another person. Instead I make sure my needs are met first and foremost and I now honor my "no" with full integrity. Damn it feels good to have my balls back!"

#3 - Sucky / Non-Existent Sex Life

Do you want more sex in your current relationship? Have you bought into the bullshit story that you don’t need sex in order to live a fulfilled life? Do you need to watch porn to get off?

Do you believe there is a sexual beast inside of you that is dying to be unleashed? 

Jason almost gave up

"Since I can remember, I've been ashamed of my sexuality. After 20+ of comparing myself to male porn stars, I took on quite a few unhealthy beliefs about sex, namely that I am not long, hard and strong enough to ever truly please a partner in bed.

For fear of disappointing another romantic partner, I decided to stay away from intimacy all together. I decided to cut off my sexuality so I wouldn't have to experience the pain of rejection anymore.

Jed.i Husband Training has helped me to deprogram these old beliefs and step back into my fully expressed sexuality. It has been an uncomfortable and sometimes triggering process, but nothing as hopeless as the downward spiral I was on. I now have tools I can use to continue liberating my sexuality and being in a healthy and intimate relationship!"

Unleash Your Power

Embody Your Confidence. Experience Relationships that Thrive

What would it be like to plainly and simply state your wildest sexual fantasies to your partner? Or what if you had the courage to ask for the raise that you truly believe you deserve? And can you imagine actually getting these things? Or on the flip side, can you imagine hearing “no” and being completely unaffected?

The time is now to stop imagining and start speaking your truth. 

Get Clear on Your Own Boundaries. Command Respect for Them.

Men today lack self control due to unclear and weak boundaries. "Mr. Nice Guys," as they are known, sacrifice their values for the comfort of others and eventually become exhausted and resentful--not so "nice after all. Boundary work is a fundamental part of this course and requires that each man own where in his life his is out of integrity with his agreements

The time is now to strengthen your boundaries and clean up the old mess.

Liberate Your Sexuality. Enjoy More Intimacy in Your Romantic Life.

Sex is the most powerful force on planet Earth and you are either tapping into it or missing out on it. A simple shift in your sexual mindset has the potential to create waves of change that penetrate into all other aspects of your life. When a man breaks through the shame that traps him in the story of “I am not sexy,” the possibility for true self-love emerges.

The time is now to break through old patterns of sexual repression.

Take Back Control of Your Daily Habits. Embody Self-Respect.

Control your habits, or they will end up controlling your life. Whatever your vice is, be it alcohol, weed, sex, caffeine, sugar, food, TV, working out, gambling, etc, the first step to break a bad habit is getting real about it. Modern men do not have the willpower to break old habits on their own. This is why we must have a support group where we are safe to get the shame off our chest and then keep us accountable.

The time is now to look yourself dead in the eyes and break your old habits.

Feel Good in Your Own Body. Hold Yourself with Dignity.

Confidence is not about your muscles, your clothes or your car. Confidence is about how you hold yourself and the vibration you carry. Confidence is a daily choice. In this program we do daily embodiment practice to retrain ourselves on the most fundamental levels: body, energy, expression and mindset. In order to feel good to our partner, we have to feel good in our own body.

The time is now to establish a healthy daily movement and meditation practice.

What Men Say

I am not a husband yet, but...

Just witnessing these men and their growth was healing in and of itself... I was also given many tools to create a daily practice and have since transformed many areas of my life. I highly recommend it.

TJ  //  Medical Student

I was at a place in my life...

Where I just felt stuck... I had just gotten out of a relationship with the woman I thought I was going to marry. I was having a difficult time allowing myself to experience the emotions involved in that. Jed.i Husband Training helped me bring out a lot what I had repressed for a long time. I felt comfortable knowing that I was in a judgement free environment. 

KEVIN  //  Real Estate Investor

I never imagined such freedom...

I was basically run by fear and anger and I had reached my limit on that. Jed.i Husband Training showed me where my shadow was and how not to run away from that anymore. I feel totally exhilarated and liberated. I would have never imagined such freedom and spaciousness and just new possibilities.

TIM  //  Park Designer

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Brother, the time is NOW to commit to the highest version of YOU. Unearth your self confidence and find the true love and liberated sex that you've been dreaming of. Will you heed the call to embark on this hero's journey and bring home the gold that your loved ones have been waiting for.


Men's Work, Redefined.

Most men's work programs focus on your thought patterns.

Jed.i Husband Training gets you out of your head and into your new life.

  • Daily Embodiment
  • practical wisdom
  • mindset transforming visualizations
  • coaching
  • community support
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  • lgtbq & non-cis  Safety
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  • choose your own adventure
  • Daily Embodiment
  • practical wisdom
  • mindset transforming visualizations
  • coaching
  • community support
  • Course Access anytime anywhere
  • lgtbq &
    non-cis  Safety
  • lifetime access
  • choose your own adventure
  • Energy Mastery
  • Brotherhood
  • lgbtq & non-cis supportive

Brotherhood: The Original Community Support

Let’s face it, men: the lone wolf dies. And Western culture has taught us to be lone wolves. Relearning how to call on support from others is a vital piece of this program. We absolutely CANNOT live life alone and we must reprogram ourselves to welcome support in.

On top of this, when a man shows up and holds space for other men to do their work, another layer of deep healing takes place. Showing up in service and practicing “holding space” is a powerful and necessary practice. In the circle of men we get a chance to relate from a place of power and love so that we can confidently share that in our workplaces, with our families and in romantic relationships.

In this program we practice showing up in brotherhood.

In the JHT Signal community men get to really feel what it is like to be a part of a global movement of men reclaiming their masculinity. This

is where we open up about what is going on in our lives. The teachings and the daily practice often brings up deep feelings and memories and having this space to share, be seen and support other men is absolutely priceless.

This portal is also where men have the chance to call on an accountability partner to stay connected with on a deeper level throughout the course of the program. Phone calls, text messages and even meeting in person is highly encouraged. Partners are also a great opportunity to practice listening, holding space and authentic communication.

Breakdown of The 7-Week Journey



Transform the shadow aspects of self into power, wisdom and love by learning the tools and practices that surface even the most hidden pieces of your psyche. Heal your deepest inner child wound through the group work, coaching, and daily rituals.



Become the master of your own emotions by learning and applying the Emotional Alchemy Model. All

Jed.i Husband Training graduates come away with the ability to decipher their emotional triggers and realize the growth potential embedded in fear, anger, shame and sadness.



Re-establish trust in your relationships by learning and practicing the invaluable 6-Step Realignment Process. Hold space in your community by sharing this process with any man or woman who is ready to get back in integrity.



Heal old layers of sexual shame through the tantric teachings of The 20 Things Your Father Never Told You About Sex. Rewrite the story about your sexuality and come out of your sexual cage in confidence and full sexual expression.


Break Out

Break out of the Lone Wolf paradigm by sharing and listening vulnerably via the various interaction opportunities this program offers. Experience a deep sense of belonging through accountability partnership, with men all over the world in our monthly Zoom calls, and in our private Facebook group.



Rebuild trust in your relationships on-the-fly by learning and practicing the fail-safe 6-Step Realignment Process. Step into your leadership potential and hold space for others by utilizing this step-by-step practice.



Redefine your masculinity on your own terms by learning and understanding the mythic archetypes of healthy masculinity. Understand the classic shadows and strengths of each of the four archetypes and practice the ancient tools for harmonizing Warrior, Mystic, Lover and Sovereign.



Uncover your purpose and reclaim your kingdom by healing your wounds and realizing your most potent gifts. Embody the energy of the Mature King by discovering who it is you are meant to serve and by stepping courageously into that power.


This is a golden opportunity for you...

One of the best aspects of the program is the chance to connect with men around the world across ages and backgrounds and understand that we are not alone in our struggles. In JHT you will get tons of information and tools that are easy to learn but very rich in depth. Any man looking for guidance and healing, any man struggling in relationships, feeling disconnected or disempowered, this is a golden opportunity for you. Don't let fear or doubt hold you back from getting the support you need to become the man you were meant to be.

EVAN  //  Educator

I really felt supported, I felt safe...

Andrew was sensitive to the way that things needed to be done - in a balanced way. I was never pushed, I was never forced to do something. It was comfortable. Through having that assurance I was able to do a lot more work than I maybe would have otherwise.

CHANCE  //  Vocalist

I feel like he has helped me get clarity...

I got a lot of clarity around places I was confused before. Now I'm really looking forward to taking this new understanding to go out into the world and express this new-found clarity that I have.

KAI  //  Marketing Executive

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Jed.i Husband Training now!

Brother, the time is NOW to commit to the highest version of YOU. Unearth your self confidence and find the true love and liberated sex that you've been dreaming of. Will you heed the call to embark on this hero's journey and bring home the gold that your loved ones have been waiting for.


Meet Your Guide

Andrew Belinsky 

Mentor for Men

A husband, father and recovering "Mr. Nice Guy," Andrew Belinsky is the true embodiment of an empowered partner.  He settles for nothing less than living into his bigness and with unwavering compassion he supports men to do the same.  

Andrew lives by the credo "connection is the cure for addiction" and is boldly committed to modeling radical vulnerability in the circles he facilitates. As a guide he stands for uninhibited permission for all humans to be seen, to feel, and to express.

Andrew Belinsky

Join Our Council

I grew up a little bit more...

The group helped me to have the trust to express more and more my inner conflicts, the shadow, and understanding that I am not alone.

ERNESTO  //  Academic Advisor

The program was challenging...

It pushed me to look inside and see who I was... I'm so grateful for the opportunity, beyond just the knowledge there was the experiential element... I came out of it transformed.

SARAB //  Lab Consultant

The healing goes really deep...

It's a real opportunity to shed some layers, get deep inside and find out a little of what I was hiding. The experience was amazing. Getting in there and diving deep is going to bring out so much beauty and healing. The healing goes really deep. You'll feel lighter. You'll feel supported.

JOSHUA  //  Clothing Designer

If you're looking for more wholeness...

It was exhilarating, it has hard, fun and emotional and I feel great for having done it. For me, it was totally worth it. If you're looking to cultivate more wholeness, sovereignty, and stronger inside yourself without needing validation from anyone else, DO IT. I experienced that JHT is where it's at.

TOMMY //  Entrepreneur

If Not Now, Then When?

If Not You, Then Who?

This is your time to invest in YOU for the benefit of all whom you have met and all whom you shall meet. The Jed.i Husband Tribe calls on you to empower yourself and change your experience of life as you know it.

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Andrew Belinsky

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